Swimming Pool & Spa Service Calls & Installation


Email service@gallagherpools.com to set up an appointment to have equipment installed or serviced.


Regular Service Call -  $115.00/hour
 This can range from fixing a broken part, vacuuming your pool, backwashing your filter, or various other services.

 Tile/Coping Work -   Repair and replacement of tile or coping. We will provide an estimate for each job.


Equipment Installs -  $90.00/hour
This only applies to equipment purchased from Gallagher Pools and Spas that is more than $200. If the equipment was not purchased from Gallagher Pools & Spas it will be $125.00/hour.


 Leak Detection and Repair -  $150.00/hour
Detection of a leak in an In Ground or Above Ground pool and repair of that leak.


Spa Service Call - $115.00 per hour
Diagnose, repair, clean and chemically balance the spa.



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